SerNet's 4.2 packages and older versions will be maintained as EnterpriseSAMBA and distributed here for free.

With the release of the 4.3 packages SerNet changed to SAMBA+: 4.3 packages as well as all later versions are available as software subscription. Starting immediately they can be purchased at the SAMBA+ shop. Detailed information and prices are listed at https://shop.samba.plus. The subscriptions bought at the SAMBA+ shop are managed at a new platform called OPOSSO (https://oposso.samba.plus). Users can activate their subscriptions here and manage access credentials.

Please visit https://samba.plus for more information about SerNet's SAMBA+ packages.

EnterpriseSAMBA Packages

The following form of URLs can be used to automatically retrieve packages from our repositories with package managers such as apt, yum or zypper. Direct download links to the packages are also available. The packages are signed with SerNet's gpg build key. See below for details.

The repository files can be copied to the following locations depending on the installer used:

installer path for repo-file
apt /etc/apt/sources.list.d
yum /etc/yum.repos.d
zypper /etc/zypp/repos.d

Note that the repository files are templates: In the URLs inside the repository files, you should replace USERNAME:ACCESSKEY with your own or the public username and accesskey: sernet-samba-public:Noo1oxe4zo .

Distribution Version Samba 4.2 repository Samba 4.2 download
Debian jessie (8) sernet-samba-4.2.list (apt,https) samba/4.2/debian
Debian wheezy (7) sernet-samba-4.2.list (apt,https) samba/4.2/debian
Debian squeeze (6) sernet-samba-4.2.list (apt,http) samba/4.2/debian
Ubuntu trusty (14.04) sernet-samba-4.2.list (apt,https) samba/4.2/ubuntu
Ubuntu precise (12.04) sernet-samba-4.2.list (apt,https) samba/4.2/ubuntu
Ubuntu lucid (10.04) sernet-samba-4.2.list (apt,https) samba/4.2/ubuntu
RHEL 7 sernet-samba-4.2.repo (yum) samba/4.2/rhel/7
RHEL 6 sernet-samba-4.2.repo (yum) samba/4.2/rhel/6
CentOS 7 sernet-samba-4.2.repo (yum) samba/4.2/centos/7
CentOS 6 sernet-samba-4.2.repo (yum) samba/4.2/centos/6
SLES 11 sernet-samba-4.2.repo (zypper) samba/4.2/sles/11
SLES 12 sernet-samba-4.2.repo (zypper) samba/4.2/sles/12
openSUSE 13.2 sernet-samba-4.2.repo (zypper) samba/4.2/suse/13.2
openSUSE 13.1 sernet-samba-4.2.repo (zypper) samba/4.2/suse/13.1
openSUSE 12.3 sernet-samba-4.2.repo (zypper) samba/4.2/suse/12.3
openSUSE 12.2 sernet-samba-4.2.repo (zypper) samba/4.2/suse/12.2
openSUSE 12.1 sernet-samba-4.2.repo (zypper) samba/4.2/suse/12.1
openSUSE 11.1 sernet-samba-4.2.repo (zypper) samba/4.2/suse/11.1

The SerNet build key

The packages are signed with SerNet's gpg build key to guarantee authenticity. There are several ways to install the build key on system:

After importing the key, please make sure that 'gpg --fingerprint F4428B1A' shows the following fingerprint:

7975 0C31 87AF 92DD AC46 086F D992 1B1C F442 8B1A


The software offered for download by this service is Open Source and Free Software licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2, 3 or higher. It is provided as is, without any warranty under the conditions of the GPL. For details see the homepages of the GNU General Public License and the Free Software Foundation.